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Drops on Lilac Surface


Well 1 & 2

Bluebird Ln.

Catalina Dr.

Chloe Ln.

Claybough St.

Craig St. (North of Tower Ln.)

Dogwood Ln.

High St.

Joe Dwyer BLVD

Larue St.

Loftin Ln.

Longview Ln.

Main St. (North of and including 21355 Main St.)

Manchester St.

Mires Rd.

Mulberry Ln.

Railey Creek (25 & 162)

Reed St.

Seaton Heights

Spring St. (limited)

State HWY 248

Stones Throw

Tower Ln. (North side of street)

Valleyview St.


Williams Ln.

Wilson Way

Woodland Dr.

Workman Ln.

Well 3

Barrington Oaks Subdivision:

Alexas Crossing

               Coca Ln.

               Echo Valley

Elmer St.

Leighs Way

Micahs Crossing

Neals Tr.

Robert E Lee Rd.

Wolves Ln.

Zachs Ct.

Buckeye Ln.

Craig St. (South of Tower Ln.)

Elementary Rd

Emerson Rd.

Falcon Crest

Gizmo Ln.

Harbor St.

Stone County Health Department

Three Pines Estate:

               East Pine Ln.

               Lodgepole Ln.

Three Pines Cr.

               West Pine Ln.

Tower Ln (South side of street)

Main St. (South of 21355 Main St.)

Wells Spring Dr.

West State HWY 76

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